The Astronaut

Photo Credits: Christopher P. Michel Sometimes I grow weary of the worlds in my mind; am I a prophet or the manifestation of a malevolent God? I am worried I am neither. Just a poor soul who lives on promises of observation. Prisoner to the laws of Murphy, while an advocate for its permanence. A... Continue Reading →

The Chicken

Image Credits: Joseph Meyer In the beginning there was silence, it was a chaotic but noiseless affair. Eventually there was a mother. A nurturer of the new world. One who was but never did. If her existence was purposely conceived, its maker had absolutely no imagination. Mother did not interfere in the same way a... Continue Reading →

The Balance of Women

Happy International Women's Day The balance of women is a magic trick It’s deceiving how they’re made Of spare parts but Somehow they perform alchemy on the rusty Methods that brought them here No not life (but that too) Life (as in you too) Confusing? Good The balance of women is a magic trick What... Continue Reading →


A poem/song with no home I don't want to be one you come to. Rather the one you crawl to; when you come to. So come, let me hurt you. You hate, but love too. Walk away uncertain. Hurtful. Tears down your side, tearing your heart up inside. But still you run to. Loyalty undue.... Continue Reading →

Untitled 1

A poem with no home No precursor is needed No prologue, flashback, or pre-test No pretense to explain the ephermal thoughts that stick like prey in a spiderweb. Malignant since the thing The thing that is not what they think


Below is a poem that I never found a home for. Go on then. Fly like a snake. Awkward and silk, ripples through airwaves. I'll be here. Looking afraid. Amazed at all of it; foreign object, in alien land. Go on then. Strike like a beast. Calm and chill, ripples through the town. Who'll be... Continue Reading →

digital artefacts

“digital artefacts” is a short story that I consider to be my “first” work. First is in quotations because I wrote another short story, many years earlier, but that was more of me testing the waters than actually trying to create something complete (plus I’m pretty sure I threw that one away). Either way, this short story is what led me to seriously pursue a writing career. The story comes with its typical grammar and structural issues that plague first attempts, but it’s been cleaned up a bit for readability, no other major changes have been made. The short itself is essentially a story about sacrifice and humanity, I won’t say more than that, I just hope you enjoy reading it. Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts and questions. Peace & Love Black

The First Letter

If you're reading this, I'm probably dead. You probably know how (if all went to plan) but you're probably wondering why? Or if you don't know how I died you probably know why (just not why why).   The paragraph above was going to (and still might) be the first of a short story I... Continue Reading →

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